Intergrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions

Thermo Fisher Scientific has combined their technical resources and product portfolio to produce customised integrated solutions to make your job of regular monitoring simpler and easier.


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We design, build and install integrated solutions to your own specifications, using premium grade sensors and instruments to help you monitor the environment, industrial processes and parameters that are required to meet contractual or regulatory requirements.

We can supply wireless telemetry data loggers with solar power integrated with a range of monitoring devices to provide data to your desktop or web server from remote locations across the world.

Whatever your challenge, Thermo Fisher Scientific are equipped to produce a solution specifically designed to suit your needs.

We supply integrated solutions in the areas of:

• Commercial and Industrial Applications
• Environmental Monitoring
• Groundwater Monitoring
• Gas Panels
• Unconventional Gas
• Water Quality Monitoring
• Dust Montioring
• Data Acquisition

Integrated Solutions

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